A country in difficulty and undergoing an economic and production crisis.

The civil war that started in 2011 has seriously damaged the country’s economic structure, as a result of both the war operations and the suspension of the oil and natural gas exports.

Therefore, the operations here have been temporarily put on hold. 


"Project Management Consulting" services Ras Ejdyer-Emssad motorway (1,750 km)


Consulting services for the construction design of the Ras Ejdyer-Emssad motorway.
On December 2010, ANAS S.p.A. Group – the lead partner in the temporary association of companies and of the consortium called PMC Mediterraneum subsequently established for this purpose (by ANAS International Enterprise, PROGETTI EUROPA & GLOBAL and ITALSOCOTEC) – was awarded the contract of the “Project Management Consulting” (PMC) services relating to the entire construction process of the Ras Ejdyer-Emsaad motorway  (1,750 km).



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Armenia workshop at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation on highway business opportunities.

(fonte ANSA)

October 26 2017. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with Anas International Enterprise, organized a workshop focused on “Armenia business opportunities for the highway sector”. The meeting was attended by the Armenian Minister of Transports Vahan Martirosyan and was focused on the North- South road corridor with the aim of creating an Italian partnership lead by Anas International and coordinated by the Farnesina.
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Our History


In 2005 Anas began operating on foreign markets providing engineering services to Ministries, Road Authorities and private companies as a consultant or potential partner for the planning, design, maintenance, supervision and control of road and motorway networks.

Starting from 2012 these international activities have been conducted by a subsidiary company, ANAS International Enterprise (AIE), purposely established to develop new business opportunities abroad.

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