Surveying the road pavement conditions of the Egnatia Motorway.

The contract, signed with the Hellenic Asset Development Fund, concerns pavement surveying activities on about 1,900 km of roads, including the Egnatia Motorway and another three vertical roads connecting important cities on the mainland of Greece.
The Egnatia Motorway crosses Greece from west to east, from the port city of Igoumenitsa to the Turkish border, and is part of the European route E90, the A-class west-east European route extending from Lisbon, in Portugal, in the west, to the Turkish-Iraqi border in the east. The Hellenic Asset Development Fund, endorsing with Anas the importance of ensuring safe and efficient conditions for road users, has selected Anas International Enterprise as its engineering expert and advisor, to survey the bearing capacity and longitudinal regularity of the entire Egnatia Motorway, and analyse the ensuing results.
The surveys will be carried out by means of a TSD (Traffic Speed Deflectometer), a major technological success story of Anas, for monitoring the quality of road superstructures. Thanks to our TSD, it will be possible to measure the bearing capacity and longitudinal regularity of road pavements, continuously and at average traffic speed (40-80 km/h), to avoid disrupting ordinary traffic. The survey shall be carried out by measuring the bearing capacity in real loading conditions, i.e. by applying a load of 13 tonnes, stresses and deflects the pavement to evaluate the structural characteristics of the road superstructure.