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Anas operates Italy’s motorways and primary roads.

Our main tasks are to:

• manage and carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on primary roads and motorways;
• upgrade and gradually improve the road and motorway network and related signage;
• build new roads and toll or toll-free motorways, either directly or by granting concessions to other parties;
• provide information to road users, also by means of variable-message signs;
• ensure the implementation of any laws and regulations relating to roads and motorways, road traffic and signage;
• adopt the necessary measures for ensuring traffic safety on roads and motorways;
• carry out and contribute to studies, surveys and tests on roads, traffic and circulation.

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 Key figures and statistics of Anas Group

At present, the nationwide road network includes 24,951.448 km of national primary roads and motorways directly operated by us, including intersections and link roads, broken down as follows:

• Directly-operated motorways: 937.748 km;
• Motorway junctions: 372.414 km;
• National primary roads: 19,240.786 km;
• Roads undergoing classification and unclassified roads: (NSA) 219.202 km;
• Intersections and link roads: 4,181.298 km.

Anas directly operates 1310.162 km of motorways and motorway junctions.

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• ANAS International Enterprise SpA (100.00% Anas)
• Stretto di Messina SpA** (81.848% Anas)
• Quadrilatero Marche - Umbria SpA (92.382% Anas)
• Autostrade del Lazio (50.00% Anas)
• Autostrada del Molise (50.00% Anas)
• CAL Concessioni Autostradali Lombarde (50.00% Anas)
• CAP Concessioni Autostradali Piemontesi SpA (50.00% Anas)
• CAV Concessioni Autostradali Venete (50.00% Anas)
• Autostrada Asti - Cuneo SpA (35.00% Anas)
• Società Italiana per il Traforo del Monte Bianco SpA (32.125% Anas)
• Sitaf - Società Italiana Traforo Autostradale del Frejus SpA (31.746% Anas)
• CAIE Consorzio Autostrade (9.00% Anas)
• IDC Italian Distribution Council Scarl ** (6.67% Anas)