Marché n. 5 – Eastern Lot of the East-West motorway

Marché n. 5 – Eastern Lot of the East-West motorway

Algeria’s National Motorway Agency ANA (Agence Nationale des Autoroutes), which is in charge of the construction of the new infrastructure, after 7 years of work and 11.4 bn dollars spent, has almost completed its first megaproject, the construction of the East-West Motorway (1,216 km long), which runs from the western border with Morocco to the eastern border with Tunisia, connecting the country’s three major cities along the way: Constantine (Eastern lot), Algiers (Central lot) and Oran (Western lot). Approx. 121 km of the Eastern lot now remain to complete this infrastructure.
This is the most important infrastructure project ever built in Algeria.
ANAS,through ANAS International Enterpriseis responsible for the Site Supervision of the Eastern lot of the Motorway (399 Km). 

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ANAS International Enterprise was awarded an international contract, as part of a temporary association with the Italian-based companies ITALCONSULT, INCO and STE, and has been providing Site Supervision services (BSC - Bureau de Contrôle et Suivi) since August 2008.
In this role, it has also demonstrated control of a stretch of the road surface with its test and evaluation vehicles (TSD), and software, arousing the interest of the ANA for their extensive application in evaluating the quality of the works after their completion.

The Site Supervisory activities proved an important challenge for the ANAS - led grouping, which has deployed almost 500 persons – mostly Algerian technicians and engineers. Today, about 200 of the 399 km of the Eastern lot have been opened to traffic.


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ANAS/AIE at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum

Anas CEO, Gianni Vittorio Armani SPEFattended the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), a primary event in the world of business and economy.

During the Forum, that in this edition recorded more than 17,000 representatives from business communities, heads of international organizations, public officials, experts, scientists, and journalists coming from 143 different Counries, Anas – AIE international experience was presented in three important Panels

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Our History


In 2005 Anas began operating on foreign markets providing engineering services to Ministries, Road Authorities and private companies as a consultant or potential partner for the planning, design, maintenance, supervision and control of road and motorway networks.

Starting from 2012 these international activities have been conducted by a subsidiary company, ANAS International Enterprise (AIE), purposely established to develop new business opportunities abroad.

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