Asset Management

Asset Management consists in the development  a  systematic  process for road  maintenance, improvement and management of road assets  which combines principles of engineering with business practices and economic rationales.  
It is a process which, through the application of appropriate tools, aims to ensure the sustainable and effective management of road networks. It is  based on a more flexible and  organised  decision-making process tailored to reduce costs and improve the efficiency and quality of the services provided. 

ANAS International Enterprise has developed methods to estimate the remaining useful life of the assets, basing on an in-depth assessment of the critical parameters. This analysis allows not only to  determine critical intervals for maintenance, but also to improve the quality of the assets and thus their operational efficiency. 
Our assistance – which is tailored to the Client’s real needs – avails of the application of innovative technical solutions, and includes the development of new software, which can be customised thanks to the experience of our parent company and of the Experimental Road Centre at Cesano.

The ANAS way to bridge management brochure illustrates ANAS International Enterprise’s asset management philosophy.

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