Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Implementing a quality system for building and maintaining roads is a crucial aspect for ensuring travel safety and comfort for the road system as a whole, while at the same time allowing the optimisation of the available resources through targeted planning.

The system is based on the determination of specific performance indicators, based on which the activities are monitored, any problems are highlighted and the corrective and preventive measures are implemented, to achieve continuous improvement.

Road surface quality systems apply state-of-the-art technology to assess road conditions and contractor performance, and to plan maintenance actions. A particularly useful tool are the objectively and quantitatively determined quality indicators that can also be applied to contractors.

Contractor assessment by means of objective and quantitative quality indicators can also be introduced in road construction and maintenance contracts.

The quality system proposed by ANAS provides for laboratory tests to check the properties of the materials used, inspections of the entire supplier chain, to control the contractors, and high-performance measurements of the road surface.

The measurements are entered in a dedicated database, which then calculated the quality indicators. 

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