Work supervision

Work supervision services proposed by Anas International Enterprise are organized and managed in compliance with the high standards fixed by the Company to ensure efficiency and effectiveness thus achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Our services are targeted to:

    1. define a HQSE and relevant procedures ensuring an effective  organization of the tasks;
    2. guarantee work of art performances complying with contract prescriptions
    3. check construction materials and approve their use in compliance with the technical contract prescriptions;
    4. update both the general and the detail time schedule of works, report non conformity and propose corrections;
    5. prepare all the necessary accounting activities to guarantee a correct bookkeeping
    6. identify the necessary interventions to remove design or construction imperfections or to improve the quality of works.
    7. to provide assistance (when required) for testing activities 


Our organisation operates in conformity with the standards identified by the Company, to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our services and, ultimately, full customer satisfaction.

Thanks to specific performance indicators, we can analyse and monitor the activities involved and highlight any problems, implementing the necessary corrective and preventive actions for ensuring continuous improvement.

ANAS International Enterprise is currently engaged in:

  1. work supervision of the eastern lot of the East-West motorway in Algeria;
  2. work supervision of the motorway penetration at Batna in Algeria.  


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