Thanks to the experience of the parent company, Anas International Enterprise can develop technically demanding designs as well as  multidisciplinary projects that ensure the integration of each infrastructure within its environment.

The 80-year experience of the parent company as operator of the Italian road network,  provides Anas International Enterprise with a unique expertise in designing roads in  different and complex hydrogeological and morphological  conditions and in handling and solving a huge range of engineering problems (design restrictions, complex viaducts/bridges, tunnelling),

Furthermore, the experience acquired in the management of road networks led to the development of cutting-edge ITS projects (cf. the section on RTM). The engineering services delivered by Anas International Enterprise cover the whole design cycle, from preliminary and detail design to feasibility and environmental impact studies.

The organisation and quality of our design deliverables are coherent with ISO 9001 standards. 
Anas International Enterprise has developed: 

  1. final designs for 3000 km of roads in Colombia, under concession arrangements;
  2. final design of 13 bridges in Colombia; 
  3. Design control of 1200 Km of Roads in Libya;
  4. Feasibility Study and Design for economic and financial structuring for 1200 km of freeway in Iran;
  5. Design control of 20 km of roads in Algeria