The wide adoption of Private Public Partnership model for infrastructure project is due to three main factors:
i) the evolution of the role played by public authorities (from operator, to manager and finally to supervisor); ii) the benefits deriving from the application of methods and know-how of private sector and iii) the need for private funding for public works.
Anas group has a acquired a valuable knowhow, being both the road manager of a network of more than 26,000 Km and the granting authority of highway concessions to privates, a role which includes also the control and supervision of the granted concession.
Anas International Enterprise can provide all the services necessary to achieve a successful PPP: a careful analysis of the long-term development objectives, a study of the legal and institutional framework in the host Country, and clear allocation of risks and responsibilities. Depending on the different type of structure to be developed Anas International can study and select the appropriate type of concession or PPP arrangement (BOT, BDO, BLT), provide the relevant advisory services and propose as possible partner.
This experience has been successfully applied in Colombia, where Anas International supported the national Authorities in the development of infrastructure projects destined to new road concession through project financing, and in Iran where our company is presently preparing a feasibility study for a road corridor concession.
Furthermore Anas International Enterprise is presently focusing its activities on Brazil, Guatemala, Iran, Uruguay and Russia proposing as an ideal partner to private construction companies for the direct acquisition of highway concessions.

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