July 2017

Libya - After a long stop, AIE resumes the activities for the Ras Ejdyer – Emsaad highway, the structure crossing the entire country and connecting the Tunisian and the Egyptian borders.
The contract awarded to PMC Mediterraneum, the consortium led by AIE has a value of 125,5 mill/€ and a foreseen duration of 72 months.
The construction of the highway is included among the works foreseen by the Treaty of Friendship signed in 2008 and recently resumed by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Angelino Alfano. The highway will be financed, in compliance with the above-mentioned Treaty, by the Italy for an amount not exceeding 5 bill. US $. The Treaty also foresees that the works will be carried out entirely by Italian Companies.
The Treaty was one of the themes dealt with in the First Italian-Libyan Economic Forum, opened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Alfano and by the Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maitig. The forum was attended by the representatives of main Italian business, financial and consultant companies together with the top management of the Libyan government. AIE was represented by Federica Ribechi, Chairman of PMC Mediterraneum.